Encounter with “DHOLE” (Wild dogs)





A young  confident and bold “Dhole” on his way leading the group.

I have been travelling to these forest and tiger reserves from almost a year and a half. And though I don’t go in the core so often, there is this unsaid anxiousness to just keep your fingers crossed and imagine some wild animal approaching you. It all about the crazy imagination of a person, who is fond of nature and its diversity. And so this time, during my visit to Tadoba Tiger Reserve, I encountered a pack of 7 wild dogs. I had always heard that wild dogs are always in groups and they are more dangerous than Big Wild cats at times. I was furious to see them, but then somehow came out of my vehicle and captured.

It was around 7.30 am in the morning and I was going through the Tadoba’ s  buffer zone (forests) along with my driver and the coordinator where I saw a pack of wild dogs sitting on the side of the road. They all were quite in their own play way mood. Wild dog is a highly social animal, living in large clans and containing multiple breeding females. It is a diurnal pack hunter which preferentially targets medium and large sized ungulates. In tropical forests, the dhole competes with tigers and leopards targeting somewhat different prey species, but still with substantial dietary overlap.

It was a quite an interesting morning to start the day with work. We moved to the NFE, taking the amazing memories of the Wild dogs with us.