Pallavi, Educational( Program Design) Consultant,founder of EEE)fulls,NVC Practitioner, a trainer for Experiential & Outdoor Education,Spiritual leadership and its paradigms & an avid traveller who plunged into the social sector after completing her Maters in Communications Media from Mumbai University. Her thesis and short film on Child Sexual Abuse sensitised her towards the growing social issues concerning education, youth empowerment, sustainability and environment, and urged her to associate with organizations working in these fields since the past seven years.Post her fellowship where she worked to transform the failing government schools of India through “Institutional Leadership” made her realize her potential to work in the developmental sector. Her deep passion for youth empowerment resulted in the creation of a community named EEE)fulls (Education, Environment & Experience). She has over five years of experience in working with children and youth and training them on life-skills through Experiential Education. Trekking, travelling, reading and photography are her other passions. She is the regional ambassador for Asia’s W.Y.S.E. Leadership Institute and was the Programme Director at Masoom Education Foundation before joining Wildlife Conservation Trust and Hemendra Kothari Foundation.
Very recently she has created a platform named “Coffee Katta Conversations” where she dedicates her time to urban youths of Mumbai and encourage them to share their experiences on deep issues starting from “self to surroundings”, through the NVC lenses.
For more information, please check out the link below:

Recently was awarded with “Inspiring Woman” award in “Education and Leadership” on the occasion of International Women’s Day-8th March,2016.

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