Quest to know more- Sairat..!! The journey of life, leading to ……..?

Review of the Movie:


Watched this movie a month back and then heard from so many friends, colleagues and relatives. Yes, no doubt everyone enjoyed the movie and it had many subtle questions for the society and addressed the key issue of why it is so important to talk to families and share with them, before taking an extreme action.

The film follows the story of Parshya, a low-caste man, and Archie, a daughter of a rich “upper caste landlord”, who falls in love despite pressures from society that they must not be together. When their relationship is discovered, the couple is faced with violence and many challenges before they leave for the city.  The movie’s first part deals with a romantic love shades where there is lot of naughtiness seen, young love bubbling up and adolescents immersed in pure madness of sheer love and happiness. Excellent acting by both the actors. Even the starting plot was very well laid by the director, where he is bringing about many issues of the village and the society through  the “”Cricket” match.

Whereas the second part is more about the very struggle both of them faced and then emerged as a powerful family. They overcome their situations, learnt from their hardships and also lived the life they wanted to live. Till that it was fine, but the moment the parents come to know about them, they ensure they both of them are killed and they are successful in doing that.

Definitely the story could have been reduced in terms of its length, where many unnecessary prolonged shots have been taken.  Songs, Music and Lyrics are at the top no doubt and make you feel dance and sing.  Now, besides the technical parts of movie making, I want to highlight some basic questions, which came to my mind, while watching this movie:


  • Movies are the stories that come from our society. And there is a huge audience that get influenced by such love stories and where do you mark a line, when it’s a PURE LOVE.
  • Treating such stories also means that one has a responsibility to deal with the topic sensitively. Somewhere down the line, it felt as if ONE WAS PUNISHED FOR FALLING IN LOVE…..!!
  • The climax, may also justifies conservative people who still believes in casteism and advocate classes within the society. How do we help them REFLECT on this? The movie is somehow reaffirming their beliefs more strongly.
  • The whole approach of this movie, at the end somewhere, reflects that if you don’t let you parents know about things and don’t take their agreement into account, something similar can happen which is as extreme as this movie has shown?
  • Both the girl and the boy study in the same college and the guy is shown more intelligent in a way, but just because he is not rich and well settled, in the later stages is shown working as vendor body and as a labourer whereas the girl, who is from a rich family gets a managerial job. Are we trying to give some MESSAGE THROUGH THAT?
  • How do we see LOVE and the universal force that binds us? Parents love is more than anything, why is blockage is there in our minds? Is love really a comparable commodity to think?

My Take:

images (2)

  • Could have enjoyed if the director would have posed some question/questions at the end of the movie, to the audience and society related to what they think? It could have led to a mass movement towards breaking these stereotypes, caste and class debates because media is a strong way of bringing about social changes.
  • A positive message where parents share their disappointment and never come along with them, rather than taking such an extreme step / where parents come along and share love together with their family of Archie and Pasrshya…!!



LOVE STORY – And at the end its the love..!! 

The movie somehow gave a feeling of tornness and hurt at the end. 


2 thoughts on “Quest to know more- Sairat..!! The journey of life, leading to ……..?

  1. Wow… Whatever you wrote has shown its impact on educated minds… This movie has broken many records… Newbie even won National award too for portraying such a strong character… I just enjoyed the movie… But one thing is for sure… Many peopke still hold onto casteism and support honour killing becuase prestige for many is still precious over their precious kids… Its for us to think what needs to be done to rise above these matters which is actually stopping progress at grassroot level… Because even education couldn’t wipe out these unfortunate incidents till now…. Values and respect seems to be lacking amongst such ..who believe in power and show-off over basic values that can create a better society which shall be equal for all…not just boys/men…


  2. aajach wachla. movie bhaghitli ani vicharckarte ahe how we all perceive world differently. tu je kahi lihila ahe, te sudha vichar karnya ugya ahe says:

    Aajach tujha bo9g vachla andcI felt really good. Vegh veghle perspective astat ani he ithun baggaila milta.


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