I am alive..!!I am…!!

Early morning, just after my meditation I came out to take a walk and do some exercise. This is when I was travelling to Pench Mah tiger Reserve this August in 2015. I was walking with my camera just with a hope to see some flowers, birds and animals around.  At the same time I am a kind of a person, who moves with the spontaneity of my inner energy.  Suddenly the moment I was about to take my next foot ahead, I saw this piece of a dried leaf and found it beautiful.

I know there are so many lively things when we go to the forests but at the same time some very simple things, makes me feel attracted towards them. Thankful to the Mother Earth, who keeps on giving different shades, to our life just by mere observation..!!

This dried leaf looked so simple yet beautiful. Its pattern was still so appealing. The small knitted network was so alive and made me feel as if it’s greeting you.

It reminded me of the excerpt of the poem that I had read long back:

My leaf clings to the tree,
It is new to life,
Pure green,
Feeling as soft as skin.

My leaf falls down,

My leaf lives on the ground,
Swept away by the wind,
Feeling crumpled like used paper.

My leaf is dead,
From green to brown,
Soft to crumpled,
Spring to autumn.Dried Leaf


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