“Story of Sharduli-The Tigress”

Review of Maikal  Pahado ke Bagh:


Book Name- Maikal Ke Bagh



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The story of “MAIKAL KE BAGH” is a fiction written by Subhadra Majumdar. The story is about the animals specially Tigers who are residing in the nearby hills of Maikal which is located in the forest of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is currently having a highest number of Tiger Reserves just like Maharashtra. This includes Satpura, Kanha, Panna, Bandhavgarh, Sanjay-Dubri and Pench Tiger Reserve. These forests are blessed with the most diverse collections of flora and fauna and that’s what makes it really very special and unique. Within these forests there is a range of  Maikal Hills. Maikal hills are range of hills between the Mandala and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh.

The story speaks about the emotions and life of the animals within the forests who also share the life, the way humans live. These animals also think, feel, sense and respond the way we humans do. They also have a say when different situations come in their life and the interesting part of the story is, that the author has tried to be very creative and imaginative, yet connecting to the chords, made it possible to share their emotions and sentiments in the most natural ways.

The story is about a tigress named “SHARDULI” who is a young, radiant, sharp and extremely strong and her 3 cubs (Golu, Motu and Chotu) The story revolves around their lives, how these cubs grew up in this Maikal forest, what kind of encounters they face, how humans perceive them and their responses to humans, how they manage different challenges and overcome their own fears till they become adult tigers and how they still have the same love, affection, care and warmth for each other the way humans have in their relationships. It once again reinforces the fact of life that we all are born with this beautiful life and it’s really important for us to know that each creature on this life is the creation of Him, and so we need to respect it and nurture it the same way, the way we do it for any other species.

The story gives a powerful message to all the readers about how important it is to maintain and protect the different species of animals because if they are safe, forests will be safe. And Tigers are the most crucial species since they are the top carnivores. If there are tigers in the forests, it means that all the other animals are present in the forests, which is a good sign of healthy forests.

The Maikal forests, is blessed with variety of flora, dense Teak forests, creepers, first and second level canopy and fauna that starts from Tigers, Leopards, Sloth bear,Cheetal, Squirrel, Snakes of different species, Elephants, Wild dogs, Peacocks, monkeys, Hyena, Wolves and many more.  The story caters to how animals interact with each other when they see humans. The very intense deep conversations between Sharduli and her cubs when they see some herd of Cheetal & deers, when they see humans looking at them and are dying to have one sight of them and different situations when they have to take a decision on some issue. In the story there is a mention of the “Baiga and the Gonds” which are the tribal communities of this region. These tribals are not afraid of tigers and all and stay in harmony with them to a great extent. The way they know tigers, the same way tigers also know them. Typically the way humans believe in some Forest Goddess, similarly in this story also Banjarimata,is, is someone whom thee animals and birds strongly have faith in. This Goddess takes care of the forests.

In the story there are humorous critical comments on humans also. The best example of it is in a forest, there is lot of discipline between the animals who stay there. Once when some tourist comes and when they see any big animal, like a Tiger or a Sambhar, they will start shouting and screaming. It’s the very excitement of humans, which probably they just can’t control. To this incidence, Sharduli cub speaks to her brother, “Why they come and shout like this in our forest? Don they understand that this forest is a home of so many birds, animals and insects. We get disturb by their noises.”

Story then moves with different shades of life as it happens in normal human lives. Sharduli, the tigress teachers her cubs to hunt slowly, takes them along with her, where ever she goes, so that they see her and learn the hunting skills.

The story from end to end portrays Sharduli as a fighter, who is not only a courageous tigress, but who has given some of the best tigers to these forests, and nurtured her cubs like the best guide and parent  and also had a soft heart of a mother from within.

Here, in the story we also see the whole aspects of energy cycle shared by the author in a subtle manner. She says: “Animals know that the people who come to the forests in the morning are good and come only to see us. They take own images and go but the ones who come at night, don’t feel trustful and then why they come at night?” The very energy of the animals can sense that there is something not correct. And having that sense, speaks a lot about the universal concepts that the God, has created and reminds us once again whether it is man or animal both are blessed with a strong mind, some conscience and they operate from within and take things ahead.

This story talks about the value system and ethics also in animals. For example there is a time when all the animals of the forests arrange for a meeting. And one rule was nobody will attack their predators till the meeting gets over. Though a tough thing but a lot of respect for agreements that all animals had set amongst themselves.

Broadly to cut the story short and summarize it we can say that this fiction takes us into the actual lives of animals and connect us to their lives in a great way. The later part of the story is all about how Sharduli, moves away from her cubs, due to some challenges and then meets her eldest son, who has become the King of another forest and how they help each other and comes back to Maikal forest. Sharduli was lost in some other forest and after lot of hardships she manages to come back to Maikal and meets her cubs. Only one is left now-Golu.

A beautiful story, yet narrated in a very simple language with lots of liveliness. The characters appear to be very real and takes us into the story deep within. Illustrations are few and makes u feel connected to the forests and its life. Emotions are something that the author has really worked on in the most appealing manner, with classical instances.

Worth reading book for children and adults who like fiction and are interested in wildlife stories.


A fiction that speaks about a radiant, strong and charismatic tigress named Sharduli and her life full of adventures, new experiences, overcoming challenges, living life fully and having a big heart for her loved ones.



8 thoughts on ““Story of Sharduli-The Tigress”

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  2. Dear Pallavi,

    Could not speak to you much, though i wanted to have an interesting conversation on wildlife and your experience of the tribal displacement. Hope I will be able to do that some day. 🙂
    Nice review, and it gives a sense of what one can expect from the book. Though i haven’t gone through the book, I would like to read it, particularly after reading your review.
    The human connect and an image of ‘humanity’ in the animal world can be a good start to a child to make her more aware of the living world around her, including the flora and fauna of the wild. Though, some questions regarding the anthropocentric view of the world remains, at least this story gives us humans a sensibility of what could be the probable world of animals in the wild wil be like.
    There was mention of God, and ‘Him’ two times in the review, and I was wondering if this was emerging from the book, or was it your interpretation of the story?


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    • Hello Nilabh, thanks for your valuable share. I am glad you liked it and you wish to read the book some day. The mention of God and Him, is not explicitly shared the way I wrote, but its my interpretation and what I imbibed from the book while reading it.

      Yes, this books gives a connection and also a feel of how animals in the wild perceive US so called HUMANS.Actually, this book was inaugurated in a function, where I was the chief guest so I had a different connection, to it all together. I have never been in such inaugural fests and all, so for me, some energies were coming from my there too. Nilabh, definitely lets find a good time and talk about things, that you want to. Would like to know more about you also and where are u based. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.


  3. “मैकल पहाड़ो के बाघ” का विमोचन केसला विकास खंड के विस्थापित गाँव भाड़भूड़ मे आयोजित पालक सम्मेलन मे HKF / WCT के प्रतिनिधि के रूप मे मौजूद आप के करकमलों द्वारा हुआ था l इस किताब की सुंदर समीक्षा के लिए आपका बारंबार धन्यवाद l गोपाल राठी , एकलव्य – पिपरिया

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